Demand Utopia Statement on March 24 Day of Action

30 Mar Demand Utopia Statement on March 24 Day of Action

The struggle in Rojava is the struggle for humanities future. The Kurdish people in Northern Syria have built a society that demonstrates the way we must organize a new humanity if we are to survive the ebbing cataclysms of environmental and social obliteration at the hands of global capitalism and increasingly authoritarian centralized states the world over. For almost ten years people across the world have been struggling together against these increasingly common foes. The Arab Spring in the Middle East gave way to the Occupy movement in the west. All over the world people were coming together by the millions, from Tehrir to Wall St. to take back and democratize our public space and proclaim the people’s right to the land, city and society. It was the beginning of a global struggle.


For ten years in the United States we’ve seen the unfaltering desecration and destruction of the land, exploitative logging, fracking, tar sands infrastructure development. The continual genocide of the Black community at the hands of police violence, gentrification and mass incarceration. While state structures become increasingly repressive and the gap between the rich and the poor become increasingly stark the masses of working class people find themselves warehoused, disenfranchised and disempowered as the planet creeps increasingly close to environmental obliteration.


The United States is not a democracy. Founded as a representative republic today it is more accurately a corporate oligarchy where only the rich have a real say. Today a billionaire sits on the allegorical throne of power ever exposing this lie. Yet the American people as with the people in Rojava hold the common ethical value of democracy and together we must struggle to make this a reality in our society.


The international wave of actions on March 24th will hopefully continue to expose the hypocrisy of the American Government. As it proclaims to be a supporter of democracy the world over they have completely failed the Kurdish people who have constructed one of the only real democratic societies in existence. We must learn from the political praxis of Democratic Confederalism and find ways of making it relevant to our unique cultural and political lives in the United States so that we can implement a functional democratic autonomy in cities and regions across the country. As the Trump administration threatens sanctuary cities, cities have also  increasingly become the only bastion for progressive politics in the country. Here we  must struggle to build functional neighborhood assemblies and reinvigorate a real democratic life that can sow the seeds of system change and revolt against global capitalism and authoritarian nation states.


This new wave of international Rojava solidarity must come from a place not of charity but from a place of understanding that the our own liberation is inextricably connected to the liberation and victory of the Kurdish people in Northern Syria. We must intently work to understand the struggle in Rojava on it’s own cultural and political terms while not pasting our own ideological labels on it, so that we can grow beyond our failing ways of doing things to grow into something with roots and limbs to touch all our communities in our unique regions. Something that can blossom and feed us with the fruits of a new world. .


Demand Utopia

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